Track Scene Investigation

Basic Fees:

     Our minimum charge is $50 per hour with a minimum of two hours.  Materials are billed above this price.


     Services requiring preparation of comparative tables, graphs, extensive mark up of photographs or other special preparations start at $75 per hour.  Materials are billed above this price.


     Consultations start at $100 per hour.  Dr. Halfpenny is available to serve as an expert witness. Fees will depend upon the circumstances and requirements of each case.


     Site visits are $200 per day for travel days (any portion of a travel day counts as a full day as it is 90 miles to our nearest airport), vehicle rental ($0.40 per mile if we drive our own vehicles), airfares, airport parking, lodging, and $100 per hour consultation (a minimum consultation fee is $400).  Materials are billed above this price.


     Phone consultations are available.  Consultations with other investigators may be arranged as needed.


     Workshops start at $2000 for a one day workshop and $3500 for a two-day workshop.   Included are travel within the continental U.S., and lodging (2 or 3 days as appropriate).  Any unusual travel or lodging expenses will be billed at cost.  There is a minimum $15 handout and materials fee for most workshops.  Handouts include color workbooks and often CDS of reference materials.


     Legal cases require extra time and care thus our processing charge for legal evidence is higher.  Charges for legal analysis start at $150 per hour.  Processing time is dependent on the amount, quality, and condition of the evidence received.  Implicit in evidence processing is the need for "rush."  TSI will do its best to return materials quickly.  Normally we will have a report to the client within 30 days after specimens are received.

     A quality, extensive report may be a cost effective way to limit the expense of cases that may go to trial.  Thorough analysis and documentation are persuasive evidence which may pay for itself in the long run.


     Fees will be provided when a project is presented to us.  Written estimates for workshops can be provided.  Only checks, Master Card, and Visa are accepted.  Payments should be made to our parent company A Naturalist's World (Fed/ Id. No. 81-0530445) at PO Box 989, Gardiner, MT 59030.  Prices effective January 1, 2010.